EWN-Y Series + EFS Sensor

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The EWN-Y Series Electromagnetic metering pump with the revolutionary EFS Flow Sensor provides precise flow monitoring, feedback and control. The addition of the larger EFS-10 sensor allows the EWN-Y Pump + EFS sensor combination to expand the full range of EWN pumps. All the features and benefits of the EFS sensor and EWN-Y pump are now available from the 0.6 GPH to 6.7 GPH!

  • The EWN-Y electromagnetic pump combined with EFS flow sensor provides accurate real-time control and display of dosing rate.
  • Set point control allows the desired flow rate to be simply programmed into the pump.
  • The EFS is mounted directly on the pump for accurate dosing rate measurement - ALL WITHOUT ANY TIME-CONSUMING CALIBRATION.
  • The EWN-Y provides a clear display of actual dosing rate and a 4-20 mA output signal proportional to the flow rate.
  • An optional Auto Air Vent Valve (NAE) can be mounted in-line with the EFS sensor to eliminate gas-lock conditions quickly with continuous venting.
  • Operating history such as total flow return and power-on time are stored in memory and can be used for diagnostic troubleshooting.


EWN-Y Brochure

EWN-Y Manual

EFS Manual