Expert Series Pumps (EXP)

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Expert Series Pumps (EXP)

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Expert Series Pumps (EXP)


The ARO EXP represents the very latest in air-operated diaphragm pump design expertise with a host of innovative features that can help the process professional solve performance issues while reducing operating costs. Starting with its patented stall-free air valve technology, the ARO EXP offering brings air-operated double diaphragm pump reliability to new levels with a simplified major shift valve and housing that provides stall-free operation within a design that’s been reduced to only 4 working parts. This simplified air valve arrangement makes access, inspection and scheduled service faster and easier than ever, which translates into saved time, parts and labor costs.

The ARO EXP air motor design features both a patented anti-ice valve configuration as well as a trip-rod design that insures a positive shift every time. Like the major shift valve arrangement, these ice-free, positive trip-over features also translate into serious savings realized through reduced pump “downtime”.

EXP was built specifically for the process industries and includes a broad range of sizes from ½” to 3″. ARO provides a comprehensive offering in materials of construction for the ultimate in chemical/fluid compatibility.

The Key to EXP:
Patented ARO® Air Motor Technology

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Simplified Major Air Valve Block

  • New valve block design is easy to access, simple to service and lube free.
  • Engineered thermoplastic body combines strength with corrosion resistance.

"Unbalanced" Major Air Valve

  • Unbalanced valve design eliminated valve centering and pump stall-out - even under low air inlet pressures.

"D" Valve

  • Provides a positive seal during valve shift
  • Helps insure optimum energy efficency while avoiding costly air "blow-by."
  • Ceramic construction insures long service life.

"Quick Dump™" Checks

  • Eliminates pump ice-up by diverting cold, wet exhaust air away from the major air valve.
  • Removes the need for space heaters, hot water taps or other ice-preventive contraptions.

"SilmulShift™" Valve

  • Provides an ultra-positive, reliable shift signal that avoids stall-out.
  • Provides faster pump trip-over with more flow.
  • Faster trip-over improves delivery with less pulsation and superior laminar material flow.

ARO EXP Key Features

PDF Click Here for a general ARO EXP Diaphragm pump model overview

ARO EXP Materials of Construction

Metallic pump body materials

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Hastelloy

Non-Metallic pump body materials

  • Polypropylene
  • PVDF
  • Groundable Acetal
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