ModelPlunger MaterialUpper PackingsLower PackingsLower Pump ModelPump Service KitBall Valve RegulatorLower Pump Model Material
AF0807M11FF4817-4 Stainless Steel Ceramic CoatedUHMW-PEUHMW-PE67200-C4G637317-C4GNo300 Series/ CF8M Stainless Steel
AF0807M11KS4817-4 Stainless Steel Ceramic CoatedGlass Filled PTFEVirgin PTFE67200-74G637317-74GNo300 Series/ CF8M Stainless Steel
AF0807M11RS4817-4 Stainless Steel Ceramic CoatedPTFE/UHMW-PE StaggeredVirgin PTFE67200-R4G637317-R4GNo300 Series/ CF8M Stainless Steel
AF0807M11FF48-117-4 Stainless Steel Ceramic CoatedUHMW-PEUHMW-PE67200-C4G637317-C4GYes300 Series/ CF8M Stainless Steel
AF0807M11KS48-117-4 Stainless Steel Ceramic CoatedGlass Filled PTFEVirgin PTFE67200-74G637317-74GYes300 Series/ CF8M Stainless Steel
AF0807M11RS48-117-4 Stainless Steel Ceramic CoatedPTFE/UHMW-PE StaggeredVirgin PTFE67200-R4G637317-R4GYes300 Series/ CF8M Stainless Steel
Ingersoll Rand ARO - air operated diaphragm & piston pumps, extrusion pump packages and air system components. EXP & Pro Series master distributor. Iwaki pumps - sealless, lined mag drive centrifugal pumps. Small, OEM packaged, mag drive, centrifugal pumps in molded polypropylene or ETFE. Non-metallic bellows pumps for semiconductor applications. Price Pump - cast iron, bronze, 316SS and Hastelloy centrifugal pumps available as close coupled or pedestal mount. Self priming, vertical short-setting sump and high pressure multi-stage designs also available. Crown Barnes Prosser Blacoh pulsation dampeners & surge suppression devices. Gauge isolators. Tonkaflo Pumps - multistage centrifugal pumps & factory authorized repair. image Walchem Pumps - electronic solenoid drive metering & dosing pumps. Mechanically actuated diaphragm metering & dosing pumps. pH, ORP and conductivity controllers. Isochem pumps - sealless, mag-drive gear pumps and centrifugal pumps constructed of 316SS, Alloy 20 & Hastelloy. BJM Pumps – submersible, non-clog, shredder, grinder & dewatering pumps available in cast iron & stainless steel construction. Complete self-priming sewage lift station packages. Baldor electric motors & variable frequency drives. image Eastern pumps - centrifugals in single and multi-stage design; available in 316SS, Alloy 20 and Hastelloy. Eclipse pumps - non-metallic, sealless, magnetically driven gear pumps. Lutz pumps - drum, tote and container pumps in many different materials of construction. Electric, explosion proof & pneumatic motors. Micropump pumps – compact, sealless, mag drive gear & centrifugal pumps good for high head pressure, low flow applications. Neptune Pumps - hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering & dosing pumps. Neptune Mixers - portable drum and container mixers. Oberdorfer Pumps logo MTH Pumps - regenerative turbine pumps in all iron, bronze fitted and 316SS. Single and multi-stage pumps. Moyno 500 Pumps - progressive cavity pumps in cast iron & 316SS. Buna, EPDM & fluoroelastomer stators. Wanner Hydra-Cell Pumps – HydraCell high pressure, hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps in cast iron, bronze, 316SS, Hastelloy & non-metallic construction. PolyProcessing-large rotational molded high density crosslinked polyethylene (HDXLPE) chemical storage tanks. Tuthill Pumps