The EW Series is the flagship of the E-Class with capacities up to 6.7 GPH (25.4 l/h) and a maximum pressure of 250 PSI (10 bar). Compact, powerful and packed with a variety of innovative design features the EW can enhance any feed application.

IP65 Construction
The rugged Polyphenylene Oxide (PPO) enclosure is equipped with a durable clear cover to protect the membrane switches and stroke control of the pump, which are mounted opposite the liquid end. The display utilizes a high temperature LCD that provides extra protection from sunlight in outdoor applications.

Control Features
All EW series pumps come equipped with pulse and stop input/output control. The EW Y module is loaded with:

  • Feed Accuracy – Powered by the E-Class 360 Stroke-Per-Minute technology the EW has an incredibly adjustment range of 1800:1 ensuring precise feed control for any application.
  • Analog Input Control – Fixed or scalable 4-20MA input control.
  • Pulse Input Control – Pulse input with multiply and divide features (1-9999). 12VDC output power supply for Hall Effect water meters.
  • Quick-Prime – Hold 2 keys down and pump runs at 100% of speed to prime quickly without adjusting application settings.
  • Feed Verification – The EW is equipped with 3-preprogrammed modes for accepting our Posiflow Feed Verification Sensor. The Posiflow provides a pulse feedback to the pump to verify prime and proper feed. Depending on the mode, the user can program to pump to stop, continue operating and/or send an alarm based on the Posiflow input.
  • Easy Draw-Down Calibration – In the calibration mode the user only needs to start and stop the pump, enter the draw-down volume and the pump calibrates volume-per-stroke.
  • Flow Display and Totalization – After calibration the EW will totalize the volume feed and display the flow rate. As long as stroke length is constant the pump will accurately totalize all feed. In cases where the pump is being controlled external with a pulse the pump will display and count down remaining flow based on the pulse input. Coupled with the Posiflow feed verification the EW is equipped to ensure proper feed to your application.
  • Keypad Lock-Out – Keypad functions can be locked out providing feed security, integrity and unwanted adjustments.

EWN-R Brochure

Instruction Manual

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