ARO air operated diaphragm pumps in sizes thru 3″. Cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, Hastelloy C, polypropylene and PVDF materials of construction. Flows to 275 GPM. Drum pump, flap valve and powder handling versions available. Air operated piston pumps in steel and stainless steel construction for pumping high viscosity materials, capable of discharge pressures to 10,000psi. Complete line of extrusion packages available. Air system components, including filter/regulator/lubricator combinations.

Barmesa pumps include submersibles, cutters, self-priming, end-suction centrifugal, vertical in-line, and vertical multi-stage pumps available in multiple configurations. Serve markets such as wastewater, water, industrial, construction, utility, chemical, OEM, irrigation, dewatering flood control, fire protection as well as many other applications. With flows up to 3600 gpm and pressures up to 340 psi.

Crane Pumps & Systems

Cast iron and stainless steel end suction and self-priming centrifugals for industrial water, wastewater and dewatering services. Submersible non-clog, sewage ejector, solids handling, grinder and sump models available. Complete self-prining sewage lift station packages.

Demersible Solids Handling Pumps, flows to 3250 gpm, heads to 250′; End Suction ANSI Process pumps, flows to 1000 gpm, heads to 650′ temp ranges to 600 F; End suction centrifugal pumps, flows to 4000 gpm, heads to 680′; Inline ANSI pumps, flows to 1200 gpm, heads to 390′; Non-Clog Dry pits pumps , flows to 8000 gpm, heads to 250′; Horizontal Split Case, flows to 7000 gpm, heads to 500′; Sump Pump, flows to 1600 gpm, heads to 160′; Vertical Process pumps, flows to 3600 gpm, heads to 150.

End suction centrifugal pumps, flows to 4000 gpm, heads to 680′; Inline ANSI pumps, flows to 1500 gpm, heads to 350′; Non-Clog Dry pits pumps, flows to 8000 gpm, heads to 250′; Horizontal Split Case pumps, flows to 7000 gpm, heads to 500′; Sump pumps (Vertical), flows to 1600 gpm, heads to 160′; Vertical multi-stage pumps (304 or 316SS), flows to 600 gpm, heads to 1350′. Various applications such as Boiler Feed, Booster pumps, Cooling Tower condensate, chilled or hot water.

BJM electric submersible pumps 1″ to 6″ discharge, heads to 400 ft, 1/6 thru 100 hp. Available in multiple configurations including; corrosion resistant stainless steel pumps, sump/sewage/sludge pumps, trash/non-clog/solids handling pumps, sand pumps, vortex pumps, slurry agitator pumps, grinder/cutter/shredder pumps, dewatering/utility pumps, high temperature and explosion-proof models.

Teikoku Sealless, leakproof canned motor centrifugal pumps.  Available in 304, 316SS, Alloy 20 and Hastelloy C. Nominal hp ratings available from 1 to 737. Temperatures from -325°F to 840°F. Flows to 3,000 gpm, heads to 1,650 ft with multi-stage design; pressures to 5,000 psi. More than 100 Chempump models in 30 sizes with capacities to 2,000 gpm, heads to 450 ft; system pressures to 5,000 psi. All pumps available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. ANSI and API designs with self-contained bearing diagnostics.

Dynapump ANSI compliant, engineered, canned motor pumps at a price comparable to mechanical seal pumps. Dynapump LE series are environmentally friendly, sealless and leakproof canned motor pumps. Pressures up to 150 PSI and temperatures between -50°F to 275°F, up to 100 Centipoise.

Eclipse sealless, magnetically driven gear pumps available in non-metallic with no wetted metallic parts and metallic in 316 SS. Six sizes with flows to 33 gpm, pressures to 150 psig, and temperatures to 150 F. For medium to highly corrosive clean liquids used in chemical processing, dosing, and water treatment.

ECO corrosion resistant gear pumps constructed of 316SS, Alloy 20 and Hastelloy C. Flows to 55 gpm, pressures to 100 psig. Available in packed, single and double seal configurations. Sealless mag-drive option available.

Isochem Sealless, magnetically driven gear and centrifugal pumps constructed of 316SS, Alloy 20 and Hastelloy C. Gear pump flows to 55 gpm, pressures to 225 psig. Centrifugal pump flows to 85 gpm, heads to 365 ft.

Hydra-Cell high pressure, hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps in Hastelloy C and non-metallic construction. Flows to 157 gpm, pressures to 5,000 psig. Excellent for high head pressure, low flow applications. Hydra-Cell’s metering pump technology is built to exceed API 675 performance standards with “pulse-free” linear flow.

Iwaki America Sealless, magnetic drive centrifugal pumps lined in PFA or ETFE. Flows to 350 gpm, heads to 350 ft. Available in close or long coupled designs. Small/OEM packaged, magnetic drive, close coupled centrifugal pumps in molded polypropylene or ETFE, fractional to 3 hp (some with dry run capabilities). Semiconductor Products: Non-metallic bellows pumps for hot and cold etch, chemical blend and transfer, pump controllers, pulsation dampeners, photo resist dispensing systems, spiking pumps.

Lutz modular drum and container pumps in aluminum, 316SS, polypropylene, PVDF and Hastelloy C. Wide selection of electric and pneumatic motorsHigh viscosity drum pumps. Seal and sealless designs available. Tube lengths to 16 feet. Modular flow meters available.

Micropump magnetically driven gear and centrifugal pumps. Flow rates from 0.25 cc/min to 10 gpm. Differential pressures to 200 psig. Static pressure from high vacuum to 5000 psig. Temperatures from -60F to 400F. Special modifications available. Excellent for high head pressure, low flow applications including pipeline, densitometer and closed loop sampling, OEM, laboratory, and pilot plants.

Moyno 500 Pumps Progressive cavity pumps in cast iron & 316SS. Buna, EPDM & fluoroelastomer stators. Flow rates to 50 gpm, pressures to 600 psig. Variable speed metering capabilities. Sanitary design available.

MTH Regenerative turbine pumps in all iron, bronze fitted and 316SS. Single and multi-stage pumps. Special designs for low NPSHA or high temperature. Flow rates to 100 gpm, discharge head to 1700 ft. Good for high head pressure, low flow applications.

Neptune Hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pumps for chemical injection, polymer injection and boiler/cooling system chemical metering. Capacities to 600 gph and maximum discharge pressures to 3000 psi. Electric stroke control available. Portable, clamp or base mount mixers also available.

Oberdorfer gear pumps external gear pumps, pedestal mount, clutch driven, motor mount or stainless steel gear pumps and CHEMSTEEL™ pumps designed to handle highly corrosive liquids that must be pumped under pressure. Also available are centrifugalprogressive cavityand flexible impeller pumps for marine, agriculture or chemical processing.

Price Pump Cast iron, bronze, 316SS and Hastelloy C centrifugal pumps available as close coupled or pedestal mount. Flows to 1100 gpm, heads to 380 ft. Self priming, vertical short-setting sump and high pressure multi-stage designs also available.

Q-Pumps Sanitary stainless-steel pumps designed for food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. Constant flow, free of pulsations. Ideal for abrasive products with flows up to 850 gpm and temperatures up to 302 degrees F. Wet parts in SS 316L.

Tonkaflo multi-stage centrifugal pumps in 316 SS and Noryl. For high pressure, low to medium flow applications such as well injection, R-O and D-I water systems. Flows to 300 gpm, pressures to 700 psi.

Global Gear series heavy-duty internal gear pumps that feature an external thrust bearing and heavy-duty bracket for supporting bearings and mechanical seals. Flow rates to 550 gpm, pressures to 200 psi, viscosities up to 1,000,000 ssu. Applications include polymers, chemical processing, bulk transfer, asphalt, and adhesives. HD Series process pumps with flow rates to 650 gpm, pressures to 450 psi handling a wide range of viscosities and slurries, and a low-shear design.

Walchem Electronic solenoid drive metering Pumps with outputs up to 40 GPH and pressures up to 250 PSI. Doses at 360 SPM, turndown ratios up to 1800:1. Various material liquid ends, PP, PVC, PVDF and stainless. Waterproof models available. Standard 2-year warranty on liquid end. Mechanically actuated diaphragm pumps with outputs to 114 gph, pressures to 225 psi. PVC, PVDF, and stainless pump heads, single or three phase power.


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Ingersoll Rand ARO - air operated diaphragm & piston pumps, extrusion pump packages and air system components. EXP & Pro Series master distributor. Iwaki pumps - sealless, lined mag drive centrifugal pumps. Small, OEM packaged, mag drive, centrifugal pumps in molded polypropylene or ETFE. Non-metallic bellows pumps for semiconductor applications. Price Pump - cast iron, bronze, 316SS and Hastelloy centrifugal pumps available as close coupled or pedestal mount. Self priming, vertical short-setting sump and high pressure multi-stage designs also available. Crown Barnes Prosser Blacoh pulsation dampeners & surge suppression devices. Gauge isolators. Tonkaflo Pumps - multistage centrifugal pumps & factory authorized repair. image Walchem Pumps - electronic solenoid drive metering & dosing pumps. Mechanically actuated diaphragm metering & dosing pumps. pH, ORP and conductivity controllers. Isochem pumps - sealless, mag-drive gear pumps and centrifugal pumps constructed of 316SS, Alloy 20 & Hastelloy. BJM Pumps – submersible, non-clog, shredder, grinder & dewatering pumps available in cast iron & stainless steel construction. Complete self-priming sewage lift station packages. Baldor electric motors & variable frequency drives. image Eastern pumps - centrifugals in single and multi-stage design; available in 316SS, Alloy 20 and Hastelloy. Eclipse pumps - non-metallic, sealless, magnetically driven gear pumps. Lutz pumps - drum, tote and container pumps in many different materials of construction. Electric, explosion proof & pneumatic motors. Micropump pumps – compact, sealless, mag drive gear & centrifugal pumps good for high head pressure, low flow applications. Neptune Pumps - hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering & dosing pumps. Neptune Mixers - portable drum and container mixers. Oberdorfer Pumps logo MTH Pumps - regenerative turbine pumps in all iron, bronze fitted and 316SS. Single and multi-stage pumps. Moyno 500 Pumps - progressive cavity pumps in cast iron & 316SS. Buna, EPDM & fluoroelastomer stators. Wanner Hydra-Cell Pumps – HydraCell high pressure, hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps in cast iron, bronze, 316SS, Hastelloy & non-metallic construction. PolyProcessing-large rotational molded high density crosslinked polyethylene (HDXLPE) chemical storage tanks. Tuthill Pumps